Q Rewards

Aeroplan logoEarn one Q Rewards point for each guest room night you book. Earn two points for each meeting room booked. Then start collecting great rewards: Aeroplan miles, free stays and more! Have your Q Rewards card punched at checkout and start collecting rewards!

Now featuring Aeroplan Miles.

Earn one point for each night you stay…then spend your points:

  • 5 points
    Travel Blanket -OR- 250 Aeroplan Miles
  • 10 points
    $25 Boathouse Gift Card -OR- 500 Aeroplan Miles
  • 15 points
    Sports Bag -OR- 750 Aeroplan Miles
  • 20 Points
    Bathrobe -OR- 1000 Aeroplan Miles
  • 25 Points
    One Night Stay -OR- 1500 Aeroplan Miles

Rewards subject to change

Q Client Rewards

Travel Planners we didn’t forget about you. Each room night you book is worth one point and every meeting room you book is worth two points toward great rewards. Be sure to track your bookings with our easy to use form.

Contact our Q Client Rewards Coordinator to sign up today: info@innatthequay.com or 604-520-1776.

Start collecting for these great rewards:

  • 10 points
    Shox Mini Speaker
  • 25 points
    Two “Good Night” pillows
  • 50 points
    Luxurious bathrobe
  • 100 Points
    One night stay & $100 Limina Spa Gift Card
  • 200 Points
    $500 Visa gift card

Rewards subject to change

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